Black Friday (Not a)Haul

Annyeong! I know that I promised this post yesterday, but I was knee-deep in cleaning. I’m painting my room, so everything had to be moved out into the living room and walls and floors had to be washed. I might upload a post with after pictures, but I haven’t gotten the paint yet, so it isn’t done. Guys, my room echoes now.

Anyway, so I know I promised it, and here it was. Guys, I’m broke. I had a 50 dollar budget, but I know how to shop, and I got everything that was on my list and more stuff that I didn’t know I wanted.

  • Boots – $19.97 (Bon Ton)

For starters, I freaking love these boots. I wanted them, and I got them at a bargain, considering the original price was over 8o bucks.

  • Supernatural Shirts – $10.00 (Hot Topic)

I don’t know if you guys knew, but I am a HUGE Supernatural fan, which is a Canadian T.V show airing on the CW. I might do a Series for Noobs on it. Yes, yes I will, so watch out for it. Anyway, I wanted Naruto merchandise, but Hot Topic only had Shingeki no Kyojin and Black Butler and Pokemon…you know, super, super popular anime. Although, I was surprised to find Ouran High School Host Club’s posters. See that review here. Anyway, I already had Attack on Titan, so I got Supernatural instead. Guys, I could get into trouble in that store. They had these AWESOME snapbacks and this really cool sweater…I know where my future pay checks are headed!

PS: The Shingeki no Kyojin shirt is in an XL because that was all they had…but I wanted it. Guys, it fits like a freaking dress. But my Supernatural shirts are Medium, and they fit perfectly.

  • Panda Blanket – $8.99 (Big Lots)

Guys, my animals are wolves and pandas. Hands down. So, when I found this, I HAD to get it. It’s 50 x 70 which is pretty big to my standards. So I got it.



I got more as well, but they were just odds and ends like earbuds, a kindle charger, you know, stuff that isn’t blog worthy. But this stuff can be best described as my ‘big purchases’ and are definitely my favorites!


xiumin adorable



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