BTS “Run” Theory pt 2

Annyeong! You might have seen my previous post BTS “Run” reviewing BTS’s new song and music video, which was a continuation of their previous 2015 comeback I Need U. If you’ve read that post, you probably know about my fan theory for the videos. To sum it up, I theorized that Jin was the only one who actually died, and the others were suffering behind his death and dealing with it in their own way. However, I’ve been watching and rethinking it and I’ve come up with a new theory. I’m not canceling out my old theory, I’m just adding a new one.

So, if you’ve seen I Need U, you know that Jin and V are perhaps the only ones who didn’t die. Actually, it was widely theorized by fans that Jin poisoned himself with flower fumes and committed suicide, however, his death was not really explained upon as the others. For example, Jimin drowned himself, Hobi overdosed, Suga lit himself on fire, and while Jungkook’s death was accidental, it still happened. Now, in my previous post, I mentioned that perhaps none of the members had died, only Jin. You see in Run where Hobi and Jimin are waking up in the hospital and the guys are playing around, having fun. Now, I’ve been thinking about a new theory, one in which Jin is perhaps the only one who lived.

Now, my theory isn’t perfect. It isn’t as well explained as my previous theory. If Rapmonster died, what was that bit in the beginning of Run where he revisited the train tracks that they played at and thought about the memories and the times that the members shared together. Well, it wasn’t actually explicitly explained that Rapmon died in I Need U either, although it was widely suggested. You only see Rapmon throwing a cigarette on the ground in a gas station, which, if you didn’t know, is highly combustible. But, there was no explosion, so really, his death was just a fan theory.

So, Jin lived. Those six petals in I Need U don’t only symbolize the other members, but the other members’ deaths as well. Or, perhaps the other members’ lives, because, as I said, V actually didn’t die and it wasn’t proven that Rapmonster did either. So, Jin lived, which actually makes just as much sense as my theory that Jin died. In the teasers, you know that Jin took a picture with the other members but it turned out that it was only Jin in the picture and there is little of Jin in the Run music video.  But, I think that not only Jin lived, but Rapmonster and V as well. However, V tries to commit suicide in Run by drowning himself, but you see in the end, he gets back out of the water. This is not really explained upon, and I think that he actually succeeds in drowning himself. The scene where he gets out of the water is his entrance into the…I don’t know…after life. I think that most of Run could be about the members and their deaths. Or the members and their lives, as they all could be dead from the events in I Need U.

You see the solo clip of Jin with his house of cards. I think this is meant to symbolize life. Jin is finally building his life back together, but just when he thinks he’s succeeded, his house crashes, or his life falls down around him. This could also work for my previous theory. The members are trying to deal with the fact that Jin died, and they are trying to build their lives together, but it just crashes back down again.

Rapmonster I think, definitely lived. His solo scene in the beginning and end of Run just doesn’t fit in with rest of the music video and the rest of theory. If Rapmonster was truly dead like the others (possibly) are, his scene wouldn’t have made such an impact. V didn’t die in I Need U, that was already confirmed. But, after he killed that man, he tried to commit suicide. Now, I don’t agree with how his story was played out, because it wasn’t actually explained at all. It just left fans with a lot more questions than when they started.

Perhaps Rapmonster and Jin are alive. But their lives are torn apart by the deaths of their brothers. You see Jin, but you barely see Jin in any solo clips. You see Rapmonster, but the only solos you get of him are in the beginning and the end where he is reminiscing in the train tracks. He opens the train car, and you see feathers and a card, which makes sense with the rest of the music video and the flashbacks.

So, I think V died, in the end, by drowning himself after killing that man. I don’t think Jin died, or perhaps he didn’t die in I Need U. I don’t think Rapmon died, either in I Need U and Run.

So, what do you guys think? Which one do you agree with more?


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