AOM in Hong Kong

Annyeong fellow Crazies! The Mama awards were last night, I think. I’ll be watching them soon and I’ll be doing a formal review on them within the week, so watch out for that.

Jay Park uploaded this on Facebook.

aomg hong kong

Yup. Totally a normal day. Don’t worry guys, this is how we relax in our hotel room overlooking an amazing view that fans can see even through our awesome head stands and crane…sits and…b-boying on table-tops…cause, we’re freaking talented, if you didn’t already know from my CEO status of AOMG and awesome tracks that I put out. I mean, just saying.

Gotta love the Oppa’s. Or…ahjussi since they’re all almost thirty…nah, that’s weird. Oppa’s still good.


bts faces


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