Pre-MAMA Post…Post

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Nope, this isn’t the official MAMA review yet. I’ve got school, so I can’t watch it all just yet. Don’t worry, like I promised, I’ll watch and review it within the week.

Guys, I haven’t even watched it yet, and already, I know that stuff hit the fan. There is so much controversy floating around the internet and I think the awards was only yesterday.

So much drama.

So, I haven’t watched it, I only know that Big Bang won the ‘Artist of the Year’ award, so congrats Oppas. I don’t know who won what or who performed well and who bombed. I’m really looking forward to EXO and SHINee’s performances as well as BTS’s very first Run performance. I really hope BTS Oppa’s won something and I hope EXO wasn’t forced to lip sync again, although I haven’t heard anything about that. I did see a short video of Seungri singing his part in If You while sitting on the lap of Sehun of EXO I think, and it was best thing freaking ever.


I know that there is a lot of controversy going around 2ne1’s surprise performance. I can’t wait to see it, and I’m hella excited. As for Park Bom…Unni, please stay strong. There is so much going on with her and there is so much hate behind it. People are saying she got more plastic surgery. I’m not a doctor, but upon looking at her pre-debut pictures to now, it does look like she’s had some work done to her face. This happens a lot with idols, but Unni, you’re so beautiful. Please stay strong and have confidence in yourself and your looks as well as your abilities.

As for Taeyang…I haven’t watched it yet, so I don’t know all what’s going on. I just know that he’s been called out for throwing shade towards artists who had to leave the MAMA awards early. Although he didn’t specifically mention SM, it’s been heavily implied since many SM artists left after EXO won some award (I don’t know which yet). However, many netizens are pointing out that the SM artists had promotions and schedules to tend to after their MAMA performances. Honestly, I can see where people would get upset with Taeyang. Big Bang…especially Taeyang what with all of his solo promotions, should understand how it is to have a packed schedule. If they have schedules and promotions scheduled afterward, it can’t be helped. Also, this is SM, known for working their artists so hard, they’re either injured and have to sit out of promotions or just leave the company altogether.

So…yeah…like I said, I haven’t watched the awards yet, so I don’t know all what’s going on. This is just what I’ve heard so far, so this MAMA should be fun. However, I haven’t heard anything about BTS Oppa’s…don’t tell me they didn’t win ANYTHING?!


bts cute


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