This Guy is 23 (24 in Korea)?!

Annyeong fellow Crazies! (ARMY IN THE HOUSE) South Korea is ahead of us (me) and you might know that the 4th of December is Jin of BTS’s birthday. Even as a self-proclaimed super fan, I forgot all about this, so joesonghamnida Oppa. Also, I am a little bit sad because instead of sharing an awesome birthday with Jin, I’m cursed to wait another 8 days for my birthday. I mean, I have the same birthday as Seungri of Big Bang, so I guess that’s cool but…opportunity missed. (Which is great because Seungri IS my bias but…Jin Oppa…)

I’m not going to say Happy Birthday because A.) he will never see this, B.) even if he did, he isn’t fluent like Rapmon so he most likely wouldn’t understand all of it, and C.) that’d be weird. Don’t worry, I’ve already ‘Happy Birthday’ commented on their Facebook post.

Anyway. It’s the 3rd, but the 4th in South Korea and Jin is turning 23 (internationally) and 24 (in Korean age) today. Okay. I’d believe it.

HE-LL NO. Do you mean to tell me that THIS JOKER IS 23 YEARS OLD?!

Alright, so, maybe he just looks young for his age. But still. Even as good looking as the entire of BTS is, he definitely claims his stake as the ‘visual’. You know what? BTS, read this. For Jin’s birthday, I bet he would LOVE to have more lines in his songs because…quite frankly…his parts are lacking compared to others. I don’t give a freaking care who is main or who is lead, this Oppa has proven himself that he has a spot in Bangtan, not just as a visual, but as a vocal as well. So, guys, let him sing.

jin v sign

LMAO, look how he starts and he’s all sexy and then it turns to sort of cute when he’s doing the ‘V’ sign. And then you see Taehyung in the back, watching him. Jin finished and V’s like ‘WTF’. V looks SO disappointed in Jin’s ‘V’ sign, and it’s the best thing ever.

jin doctor

And yet another picture to commemorate Jin and V’s friendship. Oppa…that isn’t how you use a stethescope. Jin, you can be MY doctor anyday, but this picture is just…weird. I love how they’re all being so serious. Jin’s like…’yes…yes…I see here,’ and Taehyung’s just like ‘man…’ and then you got Hobi in the background with the most serious face on I think I’ve ever seen him have. Plus, Hobi looks really good in this picture. I mean, I know this post is about Jin but…that Oppa looks good.

Alright, I caved. Happy birthday Oppa. I hope your band members decide to give you an adequate birthday party with lots of cake and more line distribution. And BTS, if Jin doesn’t get more lines, I’m coming after you Kookie and Jimin Oppa’s.


jin boy in luv


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