Racial Preference

Annyeong fellow Crazies! So, this is something that’s been irritating me, honestly, ever since I became a K-Pop fan. However, just recently, I’ve realized something.

I’m not the only one with a racial preference.

What I mean by that is…Asians. Guys, I’m a K-Pop and anime fan…I love me some Asians. Especially Korean Asians, but hell, non-Koreans are fine as well. I’m not trying to be creepy or racist…so if you feel that way, I’m sorry, that isn’t what I was going for. I’m just trying to prove my point.

Anyway, I’m always ridiculed for loving Asians. Guys, I don’t just look at Asian men. I can look at men all over the world and realize how attractive they are. I’m just more attracted to Asian men. There’s nothing I can do about it, it’s just what I like. People always ask me why. They tell me that I’m weird, or remind me that they’re small (not going to dwell on that, so if you know what I’m trying to get at here, kudos to you) or just say that they’re not cute. They say that they have weird eyes, or you know, mildly racist things.

Okay, fine, I understand that you don’t see what I find so attractive. But why is it weird that I have a racial preference when you do as well?

My cousin always makes fun of me, but she’s only ever dated or looked at white or Caucasian men/boys. There’s a racial preference right there. Everyone out there who has only ever dated or looked at a certain race or color…yup, you’ve got a racial preference too. Not that that is a bad thing. Not at all, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a different race. I mean, we’re all human after all. But where some people are attracted to black or white people, I’m attracted to Asians.

Is that so hard to understand?

90% of my family has a racial preference. But do they see it my way? Nope.

I mean, how can you not see it my way when my bias’s look like this?

And YES I KNOW that ALL Asians do not look this good. But hell, it’s the same for white men, black, hispanic…any race, really. Do you think that every man looks as good as Channing Tatum or Usher or Mario Lopez? (I actually do think Usher is pretty good looking.) I don’t think so. But, if women can be attracted to these types of men and have these types of standards, I can want an Asian.

And, hey, men have racial preferences as well. Actually, it’s totally fine, even considered normal for a man to like a foreigner. Foreign women are usually seen as sexy or exotic even. SO WHY THE HELL IS IT WEIRD FOR WOMEN TO HAVE THESE SAME FEELINGS?!


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