Why BTS is Overrated

Annyeong fellow Crazies! (ARMY IN THE HOUSE) Ya’ll know I’m a big fan. But, exactly why is BTS so popular? I also don’t know. So I’ve compiled a list of exactly why BTS is overrated.

They’re a K-Pop group, but it’s not like they can dance.

They’re all WAY too lazy to actually exercise.

They can’t do aegyo.

They film music videos, but it’s not like they can act.

It’s not like they know how to have fun.

They can’t rap, or sing well live.

And for a group known for their handsome looks, they’re all ugly.

Honestly, fans just can’t handle their quirky nature.

They all look like girls anyway.

It’s not like they can do sexy.

And they’re leader isn’t even talented. Or hot. Ugly and untalented…my least favorite combination.

See, there’s nothing special about BTS.

Guys, I literally had to force myself to close my Google tab. I wanted ALL of the BTS gifs. Aish.

Anyway, ya’ll know I love BTS and probably would (most likely) never say anything that would affect them negatively or force them into a negative light. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone, as that was NOT my intention! Mianhae dongsaeng-ah, I’m sure you almost had a heart attack when you saw the title!







8 thoughts on “Why BTS is Overrated

  1. im not being rude but i know that you have many opinions about bts but you have to not take it too far. you are showing to people the flaws they have but do you think everyone in the industry is perfect no because they have flaws too


    1. Okay…calm down a little bit. Lol, the entire post was dripping in sarcasm, hence the corresponding gifs that proved the exact opposite of what I was trying to say. I love BTS. They’re my favorite group of all time. I have 9 ultimate biases (maybe more), and seven of them come from BTS.


  2. i do find them to be overrated because people overhype BTS and make them seem like some kind of Gods and think they’re just the best group in history of KPOP. alot of armies (not all) worship these korean men and seem to put down other groups just to bring theirs up. i don’t appreciate how a lot of these armies think bts is kpop and kpop is BTS, just look at their tweets. honestly, they’re just like any other group to me, i think their music is no different, the members are cute, they’re successful, but at the same time, overrated. they’ve come a long way to the rise of fame, but people are becoming too conceited.


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