Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Let me just say, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REVIEW. You might know from some of my other posts, but I am a HUGE fan of Tao/Z.Tao. Even when he was a member of EXO (other than Kyungsoo) he was my favorite. This m/v and song was released in the middle of November, but I’m just now doing a review for it. Don’t forget, I’ve still got MAMA to review as well.

The m/v and song starts. You see Tao standing, staring out at a city. The camera pans out and view changes. You see Tao still standing at that balcony-type thing, with graffiti all over the wall. All of the sudden, the song changes and the scene changes. Now Tao’s standing in a garage? And he has sunglasses on and looks super cool. We get a flash of Tao in the balcony again and then you see what looks like a SCENE FROM A VIDEO GAME. If I hadn’t known before-hand that he’s supposedly promoting a game with this song and m/v as well, I would have been 100% CONFUSED.

Anyway, this guy and Tao are fighting in a totally video-game-esque way, but it’s awesome. Since Tao was known for his martial arts especially, it’s refreshing to see him continuing with that image.

Tao’s rapping, and I’m led to wonder if that voice in the beginning is actually Tao. How can two totally different styles come out of one voice?! I also don’t know.

He’s in a garage or an ally, rapping and being a bad-boy. You know, dragging things across the chain-link fence and stuff. There’s graffiti everywhere and trash bags lying on the ground. But then the chorus starts and you hear Tao’s melodic voice once more. We get another scene of Tao’s magic battle, and it’s looking AWESOME. The chorus continues and you get to see some weird CGI scene when the beat hits. We see more shots of bad-boy Tao and some more of magic-slayer-martial-artist Tao.

He starts rapping again and…wait…where did that microphone come from? He’s doing a pretty good job of being a bad-boy, although I have to admit, it’s mostly cliche. He’s spray painting, I guess trying to be a graffiti artist, but he’s totally not watching what he’s doing and just making a blob on the wall. Once again, where in the world did the microphone come from? Oh, now he’s spray painting the air. I think I need to give this Oppa some lessons in how to properly paint. Wait…is that even real paint? He sprays it on the wall, and you get a clear shot of the paint, but it. Isn’t. There. Alright, not paint, but air. He’s spraying air.


But enough about paint(air).

More scenes of the magic fight. In these scenes, we get to see some legitimate martial arts jumps. Now the chorus starts again. We’re towards the end of the song, and can I just say, I was LOVING this music video. Tao’s on the balcony again, and he finally wins the magic fight. The music video ends, with Tao standing where he was in the beginning of the song and then standing over his fallen enemy.

For starters, I was 100% feeling this song AND music video. Unlike previous former EXO-M members (ahem…Krease), Tao seems to have really found a concept that absolutely works for him.

I really liked the music video. I will admit though, it was the tiniest bit awkward to go from the bad-boy scenes to the totally awesome magic scenes. As for the magic scenes…HOLY CRAP, THAT WAS AMAZING. From the awesome actors (and Tao of course) to the CGI…it didn’t really come across as cheesy to me, but really cool. It looked like something straight out of a video game promotion video. It was super cool. Actually, I would have loved to have seen the entire music video done in such a way. I liked the transitions, and like I said, it wasn’t ALL that awkward, only the tiniest of bits. But with the magic scenes, it would have been totally cool if he had done something along the lines of that concept versus a split concept.

And, like I said, his bad-boy parts were a bit cliche. He was in an oddly-lit ally. There was graffiti everywhere, trash bags all over the ground. Tao was dressed in a hoodie and boots (I want that sweatshirt) and was dragging things across the fence as well as trying his hand at spray painting. He can’t spray paint, but that’s alright. The only other thing was the microphone that just appeared out of nowhere. I know that it’s a really, really small detail, but it still stuck out as odd to me. Other than that, he really did a good job as an actor in the fight scenes. The production of this video was AWESOME, so, congratulations for having an AMAZING comeback Oppa.

Is that really Tao’s voice?! Guys, you know I’m a huge EXO-L and I love EXO, but with Tao’s solo releases, I’m being led to believe that he wasn’t given his fair chance at showing his true potential when he was in the band. Tao rapped 90% of the time (when he was given lines at all) but it was Krease who was seen as the super powerful-manly member. Tao’s voice is so contradicting. He has a very nice, melodic tone when he sings the chorus, and powerful rapping when he performs the rest of the song. And I LOVED the song. It was really well done and put together quite well. I bet there could be an awesome dance for this song. It seemed like his true potential was either squashed or overshadowed in SM, so despite everything that’s been going on with the company and Tao and EXO and Tao, he’s definitely started to make a name for himself in the mando-pop scene.

As for the English in this song? Meh. I mean, Tao was the adorable one in EXO. “Actually, I phink, English is bery importent fr me, but, I no have time to study English.” See that video here. Guys, if he has an English debut…well…Oppa, please take some classes. The English in the song was fine, it was the pronunciation that is the problem. ‘Who’s’ is pronounced correctly, but ‘controlling’ is pronounced as ‘khan-trolling’. ‘The power’ is pronounced well and ‘that’s me’ is fine, but he sort of mushes it all together and pronounces it really fast so it comes out as “Who’s kahn-trolling da power dats me, you hea-rd dat.” And as bad-ass as he was trying to be, he will forever be a cute panda in my eyes.

I see no difference.

Also, I’m starting to see a trend.

Leave SM and get super hot.

And even more famous.

Why Paris Hilton Oppa, why?

Anyway, I’m super excited to see what else Z.Tao has in store for us. This comeback was amazing, and this concept fits him so well, it’s almost ridiculous.

What did you guys think?

Z.Tao – I’m the Sovereign

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