BTS’s ‘CD’ Diet


Yes, that title was lame, and yeah, I know it.



I want to congratulate BTS for all of their awards that they’d won for Run. They definitely deserve it. Run was an amazing song and music video. See that review here. Read another of my theories for “Run” as well.

I want to congratulate every single one of the BTS members. They sound amazing in their live performance. You might have heard me rave about how well SHINee sounds when they perform live. Fans often joke that they’ve ‘eaten their CD’s’ based on how close their live performances sound to their CD performances. BTS definitely sounds that good. Especially Jin Oppa. With this song and comeback, his voice sounds so much more steady. Don’t get me wrong, he sounded very well before, it’s just that if any member needed improvement (although every idol could use more practice, improvement, etc.) I would have had to choose Jin. He sounded amazing, so congratulations Oppa, and keep up the amazing work.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, a dance practice was released as well.

Wow. Very nice. I really like their style, and this concept especially fits all of the members.


bts run


9 thoughts on “BTS’s ‘CD’ Diet

    1. And that everyone but Suga is wearing black pants. It seems like Suga is always wearing ripped jeans. They look very good on him, I just find it funny. It’s like in the Bulletproof pt 2 and No More Dream practice vids, almost everyone is wearing the same shoes except for like J-Hope, Jungkook, and I think someone else. Ah, it’s funny.

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    1. The ‘CD diet’ is something that fans and netizens use (typically international fans that I’ve seen so far) to describe a bands live performance. A lot of times they will say that a band has performed so well that they sounded the same as their prerecorded vocals such as on their album it CD.


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