BTS “In the Mood for Love pt2” Album Review

Annyeong! As I was quite busy today, I had music on. I listened to some EXO, The Weeknd, Jay Park, BTS, you know, the usual. This time though, I finally gave BTS’s new album the time and attention it deserves. Listen to it here.

Let me say, this album was AMAZING. I’m not being  biased when I say I loved ALL of their songs. When In the Mood for Love pt 1 came out, I listened to all of it and quickly found my favorites as well as a few tracks that I was torn about. For example, I wasn’t really LOVING Move, but Hold Me TightFun Boyz, and I Need U totally blew me away. When I listened to In the Mood for Love pt 2, I didn’t find any tracks that I particularly did not like. I really, really, really love Run of course, as it’s the title track. HOWEVER, I really, really, really would have loved if they had promoted with A.) Butterfly, or even though it would be really weird to promote with their Outro, House of Cards was freaking amazing. It is easily one of my favorites from the entire album. It gave me a R&B / The Weeknd vibe. The Weeknd…except, you know, minus the super sexual references.

I think I only have one complaint with this entire album. And again, it’s with the concept. I LOVED these songs and music video, but I’ve begun to see how BTS has slowly started to stray from their hip-hop roots. Don’t get me wrong, I love their newer songs just as much, if not more than I did their older albums. I was a BTS fan before they became so popular. Rapmon’s mix tape was absolutely amazing and I’m excited for Suga and Hobi Oppas to come out as well. Jungkook sounds as amazing as ever, Taehyung is getting more lines, and Jin’s voice, though it wasn’t ever bad in the first place, has really improved. He’s gotten so much steadier on stage and in their studio versions as well.

But, I’m afraid that BTS is going to take a BAP turn and go from badass hip-hop to aegyo and ballads. I’m not saying that bad boy bands can’t put out slower ballads. I really love Hold Me TightButterfly, and Let Me Know from BTS. Even Just One Day and I Like it was more aegyo, but still amazing. So I’m not saying that they are bad, I’m just saying that I really liked their hip-hop concept. Crow Tit was AMAZING and should have been promoted with, but it didn’t fit with the concept as it was really hip-hop. Y U NO USE HIP-HOP ANYMORE OPPA’S?!

1.) It suited J-Hope SO well. That Oppa looked really, really, really hot with their Bulletproof pt 2 concept.

2.) BTS and their hip-hop was what got them recognition in the first place. They filmed American Hustle Life, Rapmon put out a mixtape and even collaborated with American artists as well as doing a song for Fantastic Four.

3.) BTS’s rap line is so good, it seems like almost a waste. I LOVE BTS’s vocal line too. There’s no doubt that V, Jin, Jimin and Jungkook have their own recognized talent. However, with members who’ve had Underground experience, it seems a little bit ironic what with their current concept. Now, Bang Yong Guk from BAP (my bias as well as Zeelo) had underground experience and his deep voiced rap was widely left unrecognized when BAP did their original concept change. Now, with their 2015 comeback, they had a Rock/Rap comeback and it was AMAZING.

Now, I don’t mind their concept. I feel like I have to say that a million times. With this concept, it gives the vocals a bit more room to breath without being overshadowed by the powerful rappers. I’m just hoping with their next comeback, their tracks have a little bit more of an edge like they used to. ALSO I WANT MORE EFFING CYPHER TRACKS. We were duped. Just saying. I want more Cypher’s and I want more Outro’s like House of Cards. I loved the dance for Run and I Need U left thousands of 15 year old girls crying into their pillows at night. And they’ve given fans Gayo episodes and Run episodes, which have been amazingly fun to watch and follow along with.

So in conclusion, the album is amazing, the concept is a little bit disappointing, but great, nonetheless, and I hope they put out more hip-hop tracks as well as CYPHERS BECAUSE I WANTED PARTS 4 AND 5 AND I DID NOT GET THEM WITH THESE LAST TWO ALBUMS. But who knows? Just like they had a Skool Luv Affair trilogy, maybe they’ll come out with a brand new concept next year?


Can you believe that some people think he’s ugly? RAPMONSTER?! UGLY?! In the same sentence?! Ya’ll need to get your eyes checked.

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