Birthday (Not a) Haul

Annyeong! My birthday was actually on the 12th, but because of Amazon, I just NOW got my gifts. Actually, the one was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it came before my birthday did. I know the pictures kind of came out bad. Sorry guys!

I’m really sorry, the Rapmonster and Chanyeol ones came out really dark. I’m not sure why. There are three shirts/sweaters. I took pictures of the front and the back. SO EXCITED!




15 thoughts on “Birthday (Not a) Haul

    1. Lol, well I asked for them SPECIFICALLY. Just wait until I get all of my Christmas stuff. Oh, if you want them, I got them all off of Amazon. I usually wear a size M in womens and S in mens, but the sizes run small, so I got larges and they fit perfectly.

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        1. Lol, me either. I’m only 16. I just got my first job. I’m still broke, lol. I’m just saying if you want to ‘drop the hint’ that you want it, get a size bigger, or even two if you like your clothes really baggy.

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            1. Lol, well I usually don’t like really tight clothes. I got larges and I usually wear mediums. They fit just PERFECT and I mean if I got a size smaller there is no way they would fit. They’re very comfortable though!

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