The Highlight of my 2015

Annyeong! So, it’s New Years Eve. Honestly, in my opinion, it isn’t that special. Today is going to be exactly like tomorrow except the date reads 2016 instead of 2015. Maybe I’m just pessimistic, but hey, what are you gonna do?

But anyway.

I figured I’d compile a short list of my best moments from 2015.

1.) I turned 16.

16. That golden age where you’re still a kid but expected to take care of everything. My 16th birthday wasn’t overly special, which isn’t a problem at all. Maybe I’ve just had an uneventful year.

2.) I got my first job.

Ah, yes, this was definitely a good thing. I don’t particularly love what I do (who does) but it makes money.

3.) I became a Sunbae belt.

Other martial artists can probably understand how I feel. I was the lowest belt in my class until recently, a few new students joined. Do you know what that means? I GET TO BOSS AROUND THE DONGSAENG. YES. YES. YYYYEEESSSS. I get to correct stances and explain to them what they’re doing wrong. Ah, it’s great.

4.) I got K-Pop merchandise and Korean chopsticks.

Hey, when you’re the only Hallyu fan in your entire family, not town, it gets pretty depressing. Other girls who are fans of say One Direction or that one band 5sauce or something can go to places like Hot Topic and get band merchandise. And while I can get anime merch anywhere from Walmart to Hot Topic, I cannot, however, find K-Pop merchandise. So when I found some stuff on Amazon, I was hella excited. I now have a Rapmon shirt, a BTS hoodie, an EXO sweater, a Chanyeol shirt, and I’m waiting on a Suga shirt.

5.) I started blogging.

Yeah, I’m still a noob. I don’t post as much as I should and my posts are probably lacking in depth or…whatever. But it’s something I really enjoy. I only have around 30 subscribers, but even that makes me happy.

What were some of the highlights of your year?




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