Top 10 K-Drama of 2015

Annyeong! 2015 was a very good year for K-Pop. It was hard to limit the pick, but after much deliberation, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 K-Drama of this year.

10.) She Was Pretty

Although this show started out strong, it quickly faded from its thrilling romance comedy to a mushy love story. Yes, there is a difference, which is why this is so low on my list. However, the secondary characters are what really saved the show. I liked Hye Jin at first, but she quickly got on my nerves. I was blown away with Super Junior Siwon’s character and Hye Jin’s best friend Ha Ri. Although both are only secondary characters and definitely got the short end of the happily-ever-after-stick, their character development throughout the story totally saved this show from being so terrible, which is why I chose this particular drama over more popular ones such as Pinocchio or Hyde, Jekyll and Me.

9.) Seonam Girl’s High School Detectives

This show was silly, it was cute, it was serious at times, but most of all, it was innocent. Although there are many K-Drama that focus around high school and high school age kids, this one is by far the funniest and silliest I’ve seen. As the show progresses, it gets a little more serious, but for the most part, it remains pretty light hearted.

8.) The Girl Who Sees Smells

I was hooked from the start with this drama. I really loved the characters and their development. It was thrilling, it was serious, and it had just the right amount of supernatural added to make it interesting.

7.) The Lover

Maybe I haven’t seen enough K-Drama, but The Lover definitely pushed those boundaries. Knives, guns and cigarettes are things that get banned in drama and on broadcasts on certain television programs. So to see a show as shockingly provocative as The Lover was very shocking, but refreshing, to say the least. The drama was funny, it was heartfelt, it was provocative, it was sweet, and it had me hooked until the end. The end, which was terrible and left so many loose ends. However, the rest of the drama was amazing. I loved it, and I was sad to see it end. I really loved all of the characters and they way they reacted with each other was great too.

6.) Yong Pal

Just as crime drama has been on the rise lately, so had medical drama. This one seems to combine both beautifully. I was captivated from the very beginning. And though Yong Pal is the hero, you can’t help but feel like he’s a bit of a villain as well. I really loved the story-line, which I felt was quite unique.

5.) I Remember You / Hello Monster

Not only was this an amazing drama performance from EXO’s Do Kyungsoo, the show itself was thrilling, captivating, and suspenseful to say the least. I fell in love from the first episode I saw. I was shocked at how well Kyungsoo portrayed his role, and surprised at how easily I fell in love with this drama. Although I feel like the ending left too many loose ends, I thoroughly enjoyed this drama and was sad to see it end.

4.) Sassy Go Go

Yet another high school drama, Sassy Go Go is another of my favorites. This drama was a mix of coming of age, romance, and innocence. It focused a lot on growing up and finding and making friends and friendship. I was really loving all of the characters. APink’s Eunji really shocked with how well she acted. I really fell in love with her character especially. This show really surprised me with how well it captured youth and innocence as well as struggling to find yourself at such a young age.

3.) Healer

I really like the direction that this drama took. I absolutely loved Healer himself. I thought he was hilariously serious all the time. I liked the concept of the show and felt that it was put together very well.

2.) Kill Me, Heal Me

If I’ve ever raved about a K-Drama, it’d probably be Kill Me, Heal Me. This drama has it all. From the heartfelt scenes, to romance, to heartbreak, to funny, to serious, to action, to villainous family members, Kill Me, Heal Me shocked fans with the amazing plot and the actors’ amazing performances. Ji Sung’s ability to perform as the seven different personalities stunned fans everywhere.

1.) Angry Mom

Surprisingly number 1 on this list would be Angry Mom. This is the third school-related drama that I have on this list, but with the exception of Sassy Go Go, this would be the one that I would recommend. Although the plot was slightly unrealistic (I get that parents can look young for their age, but not young enough to pass for a teenager and go undercover at your daughter’s school as a fellow student) the message was heartfelt. Unlike other action dramas, this one did not taper off during the middle. It remained strong until the end and stunned fans with the amazing drama performances. The drama is definitely heavy, but the actors portrayed their roles very well.

What were your favorite dramas of this year?


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14 thoughts on “Top 10 K-Drama of 2015

    1. I liked Who are You School 2015 but I didn’t LOVE it. I felt that she should have ended up with the second lead. HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE HIM OVER HIM?! But I LOVED Sassy Go Go. It was by far, my favorite school drama ever. It wasn’t all about ridiculous things like other school dramas are. It was genuinely young and innocent and pleasing.

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