Top 20 K-Pop Comebacks of 2015

Annyeong. I’m off of work today, I don’t have Taekwondo tonight and I don’t go back to school until next week. Life is good, for the moment.

So anyway, it’s December 31st. It’s New Years Eve. I’ll be doing a series of posts to celebrate the New Years and the officially officiate my return to the blogging world. I’m going to try to find time, but I’m not going to lie, it will be hard to balance work, school, TKD, and blogging. So, I ask that you please be patient with me!


2015 was the year for K-Pop comebacks. So much happened. It seems like all of the major bands had a comeback, which definitely makes up for the mess that was created in the 2014 K-Pop world. Members were leaving bands and filing lawsuits with companies back to back. So, to all you fangirls and fanboys who joined the fandom in 2014, bless your little hearts. So, for this blog post, I’ll be counting down 20 of 2015’s best K-Pop comebacks.

20.) 2PM – My House

Although the music video made little to no sense as far as story goes, I quite enjoyed it. The men of 2PM exude swag and confidence not only with their appearance, but with their dancing as well. I very much loved the song and the music video made me realize why I had a hard time choosing my bias in the first place. After their fun and hilarious crazy comeback in 2014 with Go Crazy, the men of 2PM definitely did not disappoint with My House.

19.) Girls Generation – Party and Lion Heart

After the departure of former member Jessica in 2014, I was afraid I would not like their 2015 comeback as much. I have to admit, compared to their classics like Gee and Genie, I still find these songs to be incredibly lacking, although that doesn’t have anything to do with Jessica. I still liked them, however, and I’ve found a new bias to soothe my broken fangirl’s heart. I really loved the dancing, however, it still seems like SNSD is having a hard time going between cute and mature. However, I was still extremely happy with their 2015 comebacks and would definitely name them as one of my favorites.


Although iKON had like a million freaking music videos out this year, and although RHYTHM TA is technically their debut…I…kind of…liked their debut…better than their million freaking comebacks. I mean, all of their songs are great and I still haven’t found a bias, but I kind of cheated with this one. iKON’s comebacks were awesome, but their debut was better. It’s my opinion. Sorry if you don’t agree with me.

17.) Seventeen – Mansae

I have to admit, when I heard that YG was debuting a 13 MEMBER BOY BAND, I was a little bit worried. I figured I would probably hate them, and to this day, I still can recognize only three of the members, only one my name. I recognize Vernon (my bias), Woozi, and Mr. Unni. Why do I call him Mr. Unni? Look at that face. He’s a prettier girl than me. That’s a problem. Anyway, I really loved their debut, and their comeback with Mansae solidified my standing as a hardcore Seventeen fan. Now if I could only learn their names.

16.) miss A – Only You

Yes. YAS. I really loved this song. Although I felt the music video was bit lacking, the song was awesome and the dance was easy enough without looking way TOO easy. It was great and I loved it.

15.) Sistar – Shake It

I was expecting Sistar’s summer comeback. I really, really enjoyed their 2014 comeback’s so much, I learned the entire choreographies to both Touch My Body and I Swear. I really loved Shake It, and that choreography as well.

14.) EXID – Hot Pink

EXID’s sudden rise to fame has been only advantageous. This song was amazing. The dance was fun, and I was so happy to see a sort of fiercer concept for the girls.

13.) f(x) – 4 Walls

This song is really nice. I quite enjoyed the music video and I was happy that f(x) finally gets love. They seem to be largely overshadowed by their fellow label-mates SNSD and EXO.

12.) Infinite – Bad

Music video? Meh. Song? AMAZING. I can’t get enough of Bad. And though I have to complain about the English, the actual song was so great, I was reminded of why I’m an Infinite fan in the first place.

11.) GOT7 – If You Do

GOT7 because…IGOT7.

10.) TVXQ – Champagne and Rise As One

When these songs came out, it was all I could do to keep from jumping for joy. Not only are these songs amazing, but they’re the perfect way to mark their hiatus. Changmin and Yunho are both in the military now, so these songs were their gift to their fans. And these songs were AMAZING. I loved Yunho’s wacky video and addictive beat and Changmin’s lovely vocals and soft performance really made this comeback AMAZING.

9.) Hyuna – Roll Deep

Ah…this Unni…yes, it was great. Sexual, but, it’s Hyuna.

8.) Jay Park – Mommae and You Know

This Oppa…byuntae…but hey, his songs are awesome. And You Know featuring Okasian has quickly become my favorite.

7.) 4minute – Crazy

Although 4minute members are often overshadowed by Hyuna and her solo promotions, their 2015 comeback with Crazy is everything I had hoped it’d be. The song? Amazing. The music video? Simple, yet effective. The dance? AWESOME. I love bands like 4minute, who challenge the aegyo and combine sexy and hip-hop all in one. It’s great, and these girls proved that it can be done.

6.) EXO – Call Me Baby and Love Me Right

SNSD weren’t the only ones reeling from recent member departure. The start of 2015 left EXO with 2 less members than what they started with and in the middle of their Call Me Baby promotions, their numbers dropped from 10 to 9. But, EXO once again proved that nothing can stop them, and they had their second comeback with Love Me Right and then later, with their Japanese short version and their Lightsaber collaboration project and then with their Christmas album Sing For You. EXO has had quite the busy year, and despite their incredibly taxing schedules, they have had amazing comebacks this year, and you can see OBVIOUS growth in their live performances (looking at you Kai).

5.) SHINee – View and Married to the Music

DAE. BAK. Yes, their comeback was amazing. Since SHINee hadn’t had a Korean comeback since 2013, I was super psyched when View came out. And…oh my god…SM GOT RID OF THEIR BOX SETS. There were always two groups that were the victims of SM’s trickery. Super Junior and SHINee. Although Super Junior is more known for their bad English and SHINee for their pastel pants, both bands are usually forced into box settings versus a story-line music video, are dressed well (or weird) and dance the entire time. Which makes for a boring music video. But not this time. 2015 marked the year that SM finally pulled their heads out of their asses and gave their idols real music videos. Yes. Yes. View was AWESOME and Married to the Music offered the great choreo, amazing song, and wacky concept that I’ve come to love from SHINee. And can I say…Taemin is no longer Taemin. He has evolved into…TaeMAN.

4.) BTS – I Need U and Run

You should’ve expected this one. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for their 2015 comeback and then after I Need U came out, I was waiting and waiting and waiting some more. But finally, we have three comebacks in the same year, and two different albums, both of which finish their In the Mood for Love concept nicely. Both songs are amazing, and both dances are great. Even their Japanese promotions with For You were amazing. BTS has not disappointed yet, and I hope they will continue to promote well, as I’m a die hard ARMY.

3.) Super Junior – Devil and Magic

SUPER JUNIOR HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED FROM THEIR SM BOX-SET-LIKE PRISONS. Once again, Super Junior are the victims of SM’s box sets and difficult dance moved. But with their 2015 comeback, they have had an AWESOME pair of music videos and great dances to please fans. My only complaint is that there is no Shindong. I mean, I get that almost all the SJ members are in the military now, but Shindong is my bias…so…

2.) PSY – Daddy

Honestly, I can’t tell I love or hate this song. Do I love it? Do I like the wackiness that I have come to associate with PSY? Do I appreciate his awesome and hilarious take on his music and videos? Or do I hate it because the song kind of sucked?

All of the above.

But the dance was awesome, the music video, hilarious. PSY’s music is infectious, I swear. Even BTS (ARMY IN THE HOUSE) and EXO members danced to his song.

1.) Big Bang – Made (Album)

I can’t even choose a single song to name as their best. Big Bang is finally back after 3 years of solo promotions. And their 2015 comeback is AMAZING. Not only did they make music videos for almost all of their songs, but they’ve kept their promotions consistent and their music videos have been amazing. Big Bang tried everything with this concept. From their softer ballads to upbeat anthems and R&B contemporary songs…VIP definitely had their hands full with their comeback.




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