JooYoung ft Superbee “Wet”

Annyeong! Today’s music review is the super rainy edition with Jooyoung’s Wet.

The music video starts out. Jooyoung is driving his car in the rain. He’s singing in his car, and then later, sitting on the hood of his car. This carries on until he’s standing in front of a mirror singing to…himself. The camera pans out and we realize he isn’t singing to himself, as Sistar’s Bora is leaning against the wall.

The chorus starts and Bora and Jooyoung are getting cozy against that wall while he serenades her with his nasty lyrics. It snaps back to Jooyoung sitting on his car.

After the chorus, we see a shot of Jooyoung sitting on a chair, while a blindfold is placed over his head. Now two beautiful dancers are dancing around him and…on him. After the second chorus, it’s time for Bora’s sexy dance break. She even does that arched-back-on-a-chair-spray-water-thing you always see in movies. Now Bora and Jooyoung are touchy-feely in the rain while he serenades her again. The rest of video really just consists of sexy Bora cuts and Bora and Jooyoung in the rain washed in this red light.

Okay, the music video…it was alright. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t particularly hate it either. There wasn’t much to it in terms of story, but considering the meaning of the lyrics, it wasn’t overly sexual or provocative.

I’m a really big fan of Sistar, so when I noticed Bora in this music video, I got really excited. Bora is super sexy in this video. She shows a more mature side of herself with this concept, and I’m really loving it. Although Sistar really goes for sexy as well, I usually find their concept to be more…aegyo sexy. Cute lyrics + yoga pants or heels and sexy dance movies make for the cuter sexy that Sistar really excels in. However, Bora sort of broke this mold with her mature dance moves and movie-esque water-chair scene. Which, I thought was cheesy, but appropriate for this type of song and music video.

Another thing…the music video version of this song did not feature Superbee. At…all. Even a short sentence or line…nope. Superbee is practically nonexistent in the music video. Which, is really a shame, as I loved his part in the album audio. Don’t deceive fans like that. Fans will hear Superbee on the album version, but if he isn’t on the music video version, don’t add his name to it.

“Wet…wet…I need an umbrella.” BWAHAHAHAHA! Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jooyoung’s incredible lyrics. HA! WET? WET? I may be young, but I wasn’t born yesterday. Wet…I need an umbrella…and I’m pretty sure he ain’t talking about the rain. I actually really, really, really loved the song, despite the sexual-ness of the entire thing. It was sexy. In fact, Jooyoung, both his song and his looks, reminded me a lot of Jay Park with this music video. I love Jay Park, so I’m not complaining, not at all. It’s wonderful to see K-Hip-Hop evolving lately.

The English in the song was okay. I laughed so hard when he say ‘wet…wet…I need an umbrella,’ but other than that, everything was pronounced correctly.

So, I liked the video, I loved the song, I hated the lack of Superbee.

What did you think?

Jooyoung “Wet”

Jooyoung ft Superbee “Wet”




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