Birthdays, Licensing, and Big Macs

Wow. It has been over a year since I’ve last posted a blog post.


Annyeong guys! As long as its been, I actually forgot that I had a blog. And…posts to upload to it. Yikes. I can’t say that I haven’t been busy. So much has happened since I’ve posted last.

First of all, my birthday was on December 12th, and so I am now officially 17 years old! In fact, I turn 18 this year, and already have plans as to what I want to do for my birthday.

Second of all, I got my license! And a car, which I have named Jimin. (Park Jimin…so I can…Park Jimin. Ah, I’m freaking hilarious!) Yeah, its amazing what can happen in a year. My permit, I passed, my license, I passed, my car…I’m still paying off, but I have it, and have had for almost six months now!

Third of all, I’ve been working for over a year. I mean, its still at McDonald’s, but…something is better than nothing.

So, yeah, life has moved so quickly, I guess blogging was just pushed from my mind.

I’ve met more people, gained more friends, and even discovered fellow K-Poppers in even the strangest of places. I stopped at Rutters to get gas, and the cashier noticed my BTS keychain and asked me who my bias was. I met Armies twice at work while I was wearing my BTS hoodie during the job. We’re popping up everywhere and it’s insanely exciting!

In conclusion, I’m back. Well, ish. I’m going to try and make time to post on here, and I’m going to work on trying to expand Hallyu Fangirl and gain more attention for our content here. So, as always, thanks for reading, and;


jungkook fighting

(I really need to upgrade my gallery of GIPHS and K-Pop inserts.)


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