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13 thoughts on “Questions

    1. Hm…well, I have 5 ultimate biases. They would be Kyungsoo (EXO), Tao (Z.Tao former EXO member), Jackson (GOT7), Shindong (Super Junior) and Rapmonster (BTS).
      I also really like Seungri from Big Bang and…you know what, it’d be a lot easier if I just told you the people I DON’T like. Lol, I’m part of so many fandoms.

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        1. Ah, I love GD too, but Seungri really captured my eye. We share the same birthday too, just 9 years apart, lol. Oh my gosh, have you seen T.O.P dancing in the Zutter dance practice video? I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I laughed so hard and it made me fall in love with him all over again.

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            1. I’m trying so hard to get into Seventeen because I really like their music, but so far, I only recognize Vernon and that’s because he looks like an American boy band member to me for some reason. That’s cool about J-Hope. I freaking love that Oppa. He’s so funny and alive all the time.

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