Pre-MAMA Post…Post

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Nope, this isn't the official MAMA review yet. I've got school, so I can't watch it all just yet. Don't worry, like I promised, I'll watch and review it within the week. Guys, I haven't even watched it yet, and already, I know that stuff hit the fan. There is so much … Continue reading Pre-MAMA Post…Post


2ne1 Not Having A Comeback Afterall?!

WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY?! I WAS PROMISED 2NE1. Ahem...excuse my enthusiasm. Annyeong! This short little post is just a rant because apparently 2NE1 IS NOT HAVING AN 'EFFING COMEBACK, ONLY CL UNNI IS. I love CL, but we haven't had a COMEBACK FOR THEM IN OVER A YEAR. It was awesome, Come Back Home, I mean, … Continue reading 2ne1 Not Having A Comeback Afterall?!