B.A.P “Young, Wild & Free”

Annyeong! So...B.A.P is back! YEHET! Guys, B.A.P is back and better than ever. After everything that they went through with their company, I'm so happy that they were able to have a successful comeback. And I only have one thing to say... THANK GOD THERE IS NO MORE AEGYO! I don't know if you've seen … Continue reading B.A.P “Young, Wild & Free”



I am SO excited about this comeback! After everything they went through with their label and all of the legal business, I'm so happy that they've finally gotten everything straightened out. While they haven't released an official m/v yet, after their millions of teaser images and crossword puzzles, they've released a Mini Album Highlight Medley, which … Continue reading B.A.P’S COMEBACK?!

SM and Slave Contract

It's no secret that K-Pop idols are overworked. Idols are sleep deprived and often hungry from extreme dieting during their promotions, which can last for months. It's important to know that SM is not the only company accused of this. B.A.P just had it out with their company TS-Entertainment before they were able to reach … Continue reading SM and Slave Contract