Top 20 K-Pop Comebacks of 2015

Annyeong. I'm off of work today, I don't have Taekwondo tonight and I don't go back to school until next week. Life is good, for the moment. So anyway, it's December 31st. It's New Years Eve. I'll be doing a series of posts to celebrate the New Years and the officially officiate my return to … Continue reading Top 20 K-Pop Comebacks of 2015


Happy Birthday to Me (And Seungri)

Annyeong. Yes, I know that technically, due to the time difference, Seungri from Big Bang'd birthday was celebrated yesterday, since, yesterday, it was the 12th in Korea. WHAT-EVER. I share a birthday with Seungri and I wanted to do a joint post about it. So, happy birthday Seungri Oppa. And...happy birthday me! FIGHTING

BTS x Big Bang

Annyeong! Guys, this looks exactly like the scene from Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang. The lighting is different, but it can definitely be described as similar. YAS. GUYS, VIP AND ARMY FIGHTING! Found this screen shot on allkpop but I couldn't deny the similarities. PS: If BTS or Taeyang's back up dancers play around in random tunnels all … Continue reading BTS x Big Bang

Korean Bands and Songs for Non-K-Poppers

Everyone starts somewhere. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that fateful day that I discovered Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. Now I'm a hardcore K-Popper. I love K-Pop, and given the choice, would probably choose it over American/Western pop. So I've decided to comprise a list of the best (in my opinion) K-Pop songs … Continue reading Korean Bands and Songs for Non-K-Poppers