Top 5 K-Pop Idols to be Thankful For

Annyeong! I know most of you probably won't see this until tomorrow (if you celebrate Thanksgiving) but I had some time before I have to start cooking and cleaning, so I'd figured I'd do a few short blog posts. I'll be posting one now, and then one more later. For this one, I'm going to … Continue reading Top 5 K-Pop Idols to be Thankful For


Panda-Syndrome & Kyungsoo-Syndrome

Annyeong! For this blog post, I'm going to tell you how it is living life as A.) a panda, and B.) Satan! (Sorry Oppa, I don't actually think that you're Satan.) I have something that I like to call Panda-Syndrome. And, no, Panda-Syndrome is not fostering a love for pandas and all things related, including Z.Tao, … Continue reading Panda-Syndrome & Kyungsoo-Syndrome

EXO-K for Noobs

Annyeong! If you aren't a K-Pop fan and you follow or read my blog for another reason, I realize that you probably don't know anything about who I'm talking about in my reviews and rants. Well, have no fear! I'm starting a new category/series...Bands for Noobs. For this Bands for Noobs, I'll be introducing popular South … Continue reading EXO-K for Noobs

EXO “Wolf” and “Growl”

I have to admit, while I liked Wolf it was a major letdown. I loved What is Love and History and their official Mama debut was great too, so I had pretty high expectations for Wolf. It's a fun song, certainly, but I found that there were some parts that really disappointed me. For example, the lyrics. I don't know what went wrong, but 'I'll … Continue reading EXO “Wolf” and “Growl”