Top 20 K-Pop Comebacks of 2015

Annyeong. I'm off of work today, I don't have Taekwondo tonight and I don't go back to school until next week. Life is good, for the moment. So anyway, it's December 31st. It's New Years Eve. I'll be doing a series of posts to celebrate the New Years and the officially officiate my return to … Continue reading Top 20 K-Pop Comebacks of 2015


BTS “Run” Theory pt 2

Annyeong! You might have seen my previous post BTS "Run" reviewing BTS's new song and music video, which was a continuation of their previous 2015 comeback I Need U. If you've read that post, you probably know about my fan theory for the videos. To sum it up, I theorized that Jin was the only one who actually … Continue reading BTS “Run” Theory pt 2