Chapter 3 – An Unfortunate Meeting

Seo Hyun puts down her hand phone, face, red with anger and irritation. She barely listens to the Hyungnim as he once again scolds her for something she had absolutely no power over. It’d started out like any other job. She’d been tasked with the menial job of collecting a lump sum that the poor … Continue reading Chapter 3 – An Unfortunate Meeting


Chapter 2 – Kim Mi Ra’s Worry

Kim Mi Ra looks over at her husband’s balding head. Disgust rises in her as he fixates himself on a televised poker game, staring at the screen like a child lost in a fantasy world. “Park Seong Joon!” She yells. He waves a hand towards her, as if to say ‘go away’. “Ya!” She yells. … Continue reading Chapter 2 – Kim Mi Ra’s Worry

Chapter 1 – The Audition

Chapter 1 The Audition She looks up at the massive number of people in front of her. Her knees shake, and her stomach twists into a ball of painful butterflies. She takes a deep breath through her nose and lets it out slowly through her mouth, but it does little for her anxiety. "Nervous?" She … Continue reading Chapter 1 – The Audition