What it Means to be a Yaoi Fan

Annyeong! If you're an anime or manga fan, you might know that yaoi is basically stories and series that feature or focus on guy x guy relationships. Calm your tits (or nipples). It isn't as gross as you guys are thinking. Have you ever shipped two boy band members together? Yes, I'm looking at you … Continue reading What it Means to be a Yaoi Fan


My Loveprize in Viewfinder

Annyeong! It has been SO long since I have done a manga review. I'm guilty of reading the really, really long, 600-700 chapter type manga, so when I find a short one that I can review, it's pretty rare. That isn't to say that I'll NEVER review a longer manga, I'll just have to split it up. … Continue reading My Loveprize in Viewfinder

My Doll House – Manga Review

If you haven't read this manga or even heard of it, don't think that you're missing anything great. I mean, it's good, just definitely not one of my all time favorites. It's definitely written for older teens/younger adults. My Doll House is about this young man and his house full of beautiful young women who are nothing more … Continue reading My Doll House – Manga Review

Ouran High School Host Club

Although I typically read and watch more action oriented anime and manga, I really loved Ouran High School Host Club. It reminded me a lot of the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers (I haven't yet started the Japanese version). I didn't like it at first. In fact, it took me a couple chapters and episodes to really … Continue reading Ouran High School Host Club