JooYoung ft Superbee “Wet”

Annyeong! Today's music review is the super rainy edition with Jooyoung's Wet. The music video starts out. Jooyoung is driving his car in the rain. He's singing in his car, and then later, sitting on the hood of his car. This carries on until he's standing in front of a mirror singing to...himself. The camera pans … Continue reading JooYoung ft Superbee “Wet”


Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Let me just say, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REVIEW. You might know from some of my other posts, but I am a HUGE fan of Tao/Z.Tao. Even when he was a member of EXO (other than Kyungsoo) he was my favorite. This m/v and song was released in the middle … Continue reading Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”

Trey Songz “Slow Motion”

Annyeong! Guys, I am IN LOVE with this song. It's from early 2015 (I think, although it's quite possible that the song was released late 2014, but the music video not until February 2015) and it is 'effing AWESOME. DAEBAK. I mean that. Alright, let's get into this review. This one will be short, because … Continue reading Trey Songz “Slow Motion”

B.A.P “Young, Wild & Free”

Annyeong! So...B.A.P is back! YEHET! Guys, B.A.P is back and better than ever. After everything that they went through with their company, I'm so happy that they were able to have a successful comeback. And I only have one thing to say... THANK GOD THERE IS NO MORE AEGYO! I don't know if you've seen … Continue reading B.A.P “Young, Wild & Free”