BTS “In the Mood for Love pt2” Album Review

Annyeong! As I was quite busy today, I had music on. I listened to some EXO, The Weeknd, Jay Park, BTS, you know, the usual. This time though, I finally gave BTS's new album the time and attention it deserves. Listen to it here. Let me say, this album was AMAZING. I'm not being  biased when I … Continue reading BTS “In the Mood for Love pt2” Album Review


Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Let me just say, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REVIEW. You might know from some of my other posts, but I am a HUGE fan of Tao/Z.Tao. Even when he was a member of EXO (other than Kyungsoo) he was my favorite. This m/v and song was released in the middle … Continue reading Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”

Jay Park ft Okasian “You Know”

Hello fellow K-Poppers, fangirls, bloggers, dongsaeng, chingu, and anime-fanatics. As I'm dreadfully sick (I know, it really sucks), I didn't upload anything yesterday and I'll only be uploading a short post today. I'll spare you the gory details. Just know that my injury dealt with needles, Lydocain (you'll have to excuse me, I'm afraid I've … Continue reading Jay Park ft Okasian “You Know”

American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 2

If you can't handle blood, gore, and extreme sexual scenes, this show is not for you. Once again, dongsaeng readers, (you know who you are :)) refrain from watching this show. With that said, spoiler alert. Okay, so if you've seen episode 1, you know that our handsome detective has decided to stay in this … Continue reading American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 2

American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 1

Before this season, I never actually watched American Horror Story, but to my understanding, the seasons feature a different cast with different story lines, so they don't actually go together. Furthermore, I wasn't sure if this really classified as drama, but since I don't have a horror category, and it's a television show, that's where it's going. … Continue reading American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 1

SHINee “Married to the Music”

This video will have you saying WTF in SHINee's Married to the Music. I absolutely loved this music video. It's so much fun, and even though it really doesn't make sense, I was super excited that SHINee got a music video that wasn't a glorified dance video. This video rocked. In fact, this past year, I've been super … Continue reading SHINee “Married to the Music”