Supernatural and Anime

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Ya'll know I love Supernatural, and ya'll know I love anime. Put them together and you've found a forever fan in me. FIGHTING


SPN Funny Moments

Annyeong! You might have seen my post Supernatural for Noobs. So, I figured I'd upload this video of some of the funniest SPN moments. I also forgot to add in the post that SPN has a lot of merchandise as well. Here are some that I got from black friday. FIGHTING

Supernatural for Noobs

Annyeong! I promised this in my Black Friday (Not a)Haul post. This series, Series for Noobs is the sister series to Bands for Noobs. The concept remains the same...I'll be giving insight and introducing a television series just as I did my bands. For this Series for Noobs, I'll be introducing Supernatural. Supernatural is a popular Canadian television show. It originally aired … Continue reading Supernatural for Noobs