Birthday (Not a) Haul

Annyeong! My birthday was actually on the 12th, but because of Amazon, I just NOW got my gifts. Actually, the one was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it came before my birthday did. I know the pictures kind of came out bad. Sorry guys! I'm really sorry, the Rapmonster and Chanyeol ones came … Continue reading Birthday (Not a) Haul


BTS “In the Mood for Love pt2” Album Review

Annyeong! As I was quite busy today, I had music on. I listened to some EXO, The Weeknd, Jay Park, BTS, you know, the usual. This time though, I finally gave BTS's new album the time and attention it deserves. Listen to it here. Let me say, this album was AMAZING. I'm not being  biased when I … Continue reading BTS “In the Mood for Love pt2” Album Review

BTS’s ‘CD’ Diet

Annyeong. Yes, that title was lame, and yeah, I know it. Mianhae. Anyway. I want to congratulate BTS for all of their awards that they'd won for Run. They definitely deserve it. Run was an amazing song and music video. See that review here. Read another of my theories for "Run" as well. I want to congratulate every … Continue reading BTS’s ‘CD’ Diet