Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”

Annyeong fellow Crazies! Let me just say, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REVIEW. You might know from some of my other posts, but I am a HUGE fan of Tao/Z.Tao. Even when he was a member of EXO (other than Kyungsoo) he was my favorite. This m/v and song was released in the middle … Continue reading Z.Tao “I’m the Sovereign”


EXO-M for Noobs

Annyeong! For this Bands for Noobs, I'll be doing a follow-up of my previous blog post EXO-K for Noobs and will now be posting EXO-M for Noobs. Since the band was originally 12 members split respectively into two sub-groups that release in South Korea and China, I figured it would be fair and more efficient to split it … Continue reading EXO-M for Noobs

SM and Slave Contract

It's no secret that K-Pop idols are overworked. Idols are sleep deprived and often hungry from extreme dieting during their promotions, which can last for months. It's important to know that SM is not the only company accused of this. B.A.P just had it out with their company TS-Entertainment before they were able to reach … Continue reading SM and Slave Contract