Birthdays, Licensing, and Big Macs

Wow. It has been over a year since I've last posted a blog post. ...whoops. Annyeong guys! As long as its been, I actually forgot that I had a blog. And...posts to upload to it. Yikes. I can't say that I haven't been busy. So much has happened since I've posted last. First of all, … Continue reading Birthdays, Licensing, and Big Macs


Life is Busy

Annyeong guys. First of all, I have to really apologizing for not posting in a while. I legitimately have not had time. I work 5-6 days out of the week, and when I get off of work, I'm either doing schoolwork or in Taekwondo. I have no plan to quite blogging or anything, I just … Continue reading Life is Busy

JooYoung ft Superbee “Wet”

Annyeong! Today's music review is the super rainy edition with Jooyoung's Wet. The music video starts out. Jooyoung is driving his car in the rain. He's singing in his car, and then later, sitting on the hood of his car. This carries on until he's standing in front of a mirror singing to...himself. The camera pans … Continue reading JooYoung ft Superbee “Wet”

Oppa? More like Ahjussi!

Annyeong! I was listening to Gangnam Style earlier and what did I realize? PSY: Oppan Gangnam Style PPPSSSSHHH! Oppa?! BWAHAHAHAHA! I mean no disrespect to PSY, not at all. I just think it's funny. PSY isn't an Oppa, he's more like an Ahjussi. But I guess Ahjussi Gangnam Style doesn't really sound like a hit, huh? Haha...haha...He-y sexy lady...ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahjussi Gangnam … Continue reading Oppa? More like Ahjussi!

New Page

Annyeong! I've got a new page up for Collage Requests. I think I've gotten pretty good at them since I started collaging pictures and making headers for my blog. So, I opened a request board. I've also added contact forms to both the Requests page and Questions page. FIGHTING